Christian Dating


Is There Such A Thing As "Christian Dating?"

If you look at it technically no, there is no such thing as "Christian dating" or a "Christian dating relationship", nor are there such things as a "Christian Church", "Christian Books", "Christian dating sites" or "Christian cars".  
None of these things are able to follow Christ, not like a human being is able to do.
The word "Christian" itself gives the definition to follow, but it only refers to a follower of Jesus of Nazareth.  It was first used by the followers of Jesus in Antioch, during the first century.

Having said that though, it has become very common for the word "Christian" to be attached, by people, to the beginning of various phrases or in front of certain words and we are still all able to understand its meaning.
So, if Christianity were some form of system using morals and ethics which required people to sign up to some sort of behavioral terms and standards and relationships between all Christians demanded to share things in common....What would they be?  What might a "Christian dating relationship" involve or look like if such a thing did exist.

Prioritize Your Priorities

There is a question every Christian should ask themselves when beginning a quest for a practical answer, which is:
"What, in this situation would Jesus do?"  And for the purpose of this case, "What would Jesus do if He were in a relationship? What example would His relationship set?
Of course it requires quite a deep and intimate knowledge of Jesus and the nature His behavior to be able to answer this accurately.
With that said however, it is safe to imagine and therefore suggest that His relationship would more than likely highlight these following points:

Spending time worshipping together - In prayer and meditation
Spending time in prayer - both together and on your own
Spending time being surrounded by other believers (Fellowship)
Spending time with non-believers (lifestyle evangelism and servanthood)
Spending time as a couple working on your relationship and areas of your relationship which include greater challenges, helping you to develop deeper relationship skills   
Spending time acting as "God's agent" while in each others' lives   
Treating your partner more importantly than you treat yourself (servanthood)
Spending time in giving your help and services to others in a world suffering hurt (Foreign or/and local missions)
Spending time being a regular loving, caring and romantic couple - Having dates!
Plus, anything else you feel would be suitable. What would you add?

To Be Fore-Armed You Need To Be Forewarned!

So, it would be wise that the next time you are about to embark on or if you have just started a Christian dating relationship, to give yourself as a couple, a rating for each of the above points.  This will give you a good idea toward knowing the character of your partner, also giving you the ability to positively work on areas of yourself or your relationship, which you may feel have been highlighted as needing stronger foundations.

Remember also however, that if at the beginning of dating - while your feelings of infatuation are uncontrollably high - you feel that things aren't really happening between you, then it is more than likely not going to happen at all for you both later, when those feelings of infatuation and over-excitement retreat back to normal and steady levels.